McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes

McDonalds has many seasonal menu items and I don’t think there is any item that brings as much happiness as the Shamrock Shake.  Yes, they have the McRib, but that is a cult favorite, it doesn’t have the mainstream excitement.  Green, minty and only around after Valentine’s day through St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve heard that there are some places that have it year-round, but that isn’t my area.

As a kid, I was obsessed with the idea of the Shamrock Shake, but knowing it was a mint flavored shake, I never wanted to try it because I was in love with their chocolate shakes.  I didn’t end up trying in until about 12 years ago when I got my wife one and tried a sip.  At that point, I understood why people love them so much.

Originally, per Wikipedia, the Shamrock Shakes were a lemon-lime flavored green shake, then was just a green colored vanilla shake until later in the 70s becoming the mint flavored treat it is today.  They use to mix it with chocolate so you could have a mint chocolate shake, but it was always a hidden menu item until this year when you can officially get one.  In 1980, they created a Shamrock Sundae, which was vanilla ice cream topped with the Shamrock syrup, but that flopped.

This commercial has that cheesy early 80’s feel that you just don’t see anymore.  Take a sip of the shake and feel like a stereotypical Irish leprechaun and start dancing.  That dad looks like he was born to play this part.  Top it off with the announcer talking with a really bad Irish accent and the early 80’s McDonalds jingle and you got yourself an early 80s commercial.  So cheesy, but I love it!

Carvel’s Cookie O’Puss Ice Cream Cake

As a kid, I saw these Carvel commercials, what seems like all the time.  That cheesy high-pitched voice of Cookie Puss, there is just nothing like it.  As a kid, I loved that high-pitched voice and the thought of an ice cream cake left me in wonder.

I didn’t try an ice cream cake until I was well into my teens, so watching this made me think about what was in these ice cream cake.  You saw a bit of what is in it in the commercial, some ice cream, those crunchy cookie bits, but I always wondered if it actually had cake it in.  Later in life I have tried ice cream cake with and without cake in it.  I much prefer without cake.  Give me ice cream, those cookie bits, and maybe some of that caramel that Dairy Queen puts in theirs.  The commercial ends with a Carvel’s spokesman rapping it up.  I love that man’s voice.  Deep and has these relaxed vibe to it.

Researching this article, it looks like Carvel is only a central PA store, but maybe in the 80’s it was bigger?  Unfortunately, I have never tried any Carvel ice cream product, though I think I might have to go to the store, or find a Carvel store and pick something up.


A Comeback?!

I am looking to make a comeback, or at least write a little bit more. My goal is to start writing and get a few articles written down before I start posting. Are their any 70s, 80s or early 90s commercials you want me to review? Leave a message and let me know!


A 7-Up Christmas!

Every year at this time I like to look back at the Christmas Commercials from years past that I use to love.  There was the Folger’s Coffee one with Peter, they remade it and the new one is kinda creepy, but I can do that another time.  The M&M Classic as well as Ronald skating with kids.  How can anyone forget the Flinstone Fruity Pebbles Christmas or probably everyone’s number one Hershey Kisses Bells.  I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while, but couldn’t find a commercial that makes me want to right.  That is until I found the 7-Up Christmas one.

You see the elves working hard on getting the sleigh ready and the toys packed.  One elf  needs a break.  Using his elf magic, probably because he’s do tired from work, he opens the fridge and a refreshing 7-Up flies into his hand.  All the other elves stare at him in wonderment as if they never seen someone drink a 7-Up.  As soon as the first sip is taken, it snows!  Yes, 7-Up makes it snow.  But only on Christmas Eve, and only at the North Pole.  We get to see the elves play it up as Santa walks out.  You’d think Santa would be pissed because he has to leave soon to take toys to all the good little girls and boys, but he isn’t worried.  He’s drinking a 7-Up as well and laughs it off.  7-Up, makes you play like a kid and not have a care in the world, especially if you have to fly around the world in only a few short hours.  Well, as the commercial says, “7-Up is the feeling of Christmas.”

I never got that memo when I was younger, but I always remember enjoying this commercial.  It was fun to watch the magic and the soda fly into the elf’s hand.  To see them play, and the one elf get dumped as he sleds down the one small hill.  This commercial still bring back great memories and I hope it does for you too!

Milk, It Does the Body Good

If you were growing up in the late 80s, you know these commercials well.  They played all the time during after school programming.  Actually, these are some of my favorite commercials from the 80s.

I use to watch these commercials and hope that this would happen to me.  Either I’d grow up like the boys and be “big and strong” or be the handsome guy that the gorgeous girl had hanging off her arm.

When I was younger, I was a runt.  I was small and didn’t hit my growth spurt until Junior year of High School and I remember in Middle School, watching these commercials and then heading to the fridge to get a glass of milk.  Yea, didn’t work to well.  Even when I hit my growth spurt, my metabolism was so high that I could go to McDonalds, get a Super-Sized meal and still lose weight.  Those were the days.  But that doesn’t mean that these commercials weren’t awesome.  For me at least, they did what they wanted to do, get kids to drink more milk.  Not only that, they were very memorable and still with me today.  I miss these kind of commercials.

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Pizza Hut Commercial from TMNT Movie

When I first came upon this commercial for Pizza Hut, I was searching for the Pizza Hut commercial when you could buy the TMNT Coming Out of Our Shell’s Cassette tape, but fount this wonderful commercial.  I remember when the VHS of TMNT came out and I first watched it.  I was sick with Bronchitis and my mom rented this for me after I came out of the doctor’s office.  I ended up watching it three times before my parents came home that night and I was hooked.

But I also remember this commercial from it.  Watching it now, it’s quite magical really.  It is not so much an advertisement for Pizza Hut, as it is a commercial setting the mood as to why you would want to go to Pizza Hut.  It really is a great mood setting commercial.  The little league baseball, the wonderful guitars strumming the melody to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and the young kid in the outfield, not paying attention and becoming the hero of the game.  Really wonderful and takes me right back.  Amazingly, you don’t even know it’s for Pizza Hut until the last ten seconds of the commercial, but what is great about this, is it relaxes you and in turn makes you feel relaxed about Pizza Hut.  Really, it is a stroke of genius.

I put this commercial on loop and listened to it a few times while I wrote this, and I found myself with a warm smile on my face as I finish this article, remember this and taking me back.  That is a wonderful commercial to me!

Yes, I found the TMNT Coming Out of our Shell’s commercial, but alas, that is now for another time…

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S’mores Crunch Cereal – Yea, they actually made it

One of the great things about YouTube is when you first browse to it, they sometime show, in the Recommended Section, some great videos.  Was visiting tonight and in there was a commercial for S’mores Crunch Cereal.  At first I didn’t remember this cereal, but after a few seconds of watching this commercial, the memories flooded back to me!

The amazing this about this commercial is what brought back my memories of this cereal.  It wasn’t anything in particular with the commercial, but the cereal’s box.  It is a very plain box, a graham cracker brown color with a very generic looking picture, but the simply smiling graham cracker, chocolate bit and marshmallow on the stick is what did it.  For some reason, I can remember being mesmerized by that.

From what I remember of the cereal is that it wasn’t all that great, and that is probably why it didn’t last very long.  It was like a chocolate flavored Golden Grahams with marshmallows in it, but it’s hard to perfect Golden Grahams even with marshmallows, and this coming from a guy that use to eat all the cereal bits before even touching the marshmallows when younger.

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